Península de Zapata

Rocky at times but mostly plain and swampy the Península de Zapata National Park is one of the largest eco holiday destinations in Cuba sheltering a large number of animal species including the Jutia, Conejo Cimarron, a Cuban breed of rabbit, the red deer and the wild boar.

Declared a Biosphere Reserve and Ramsar Site, it is famous for its crocodile farm and Guama, a replica of a Tainan village erected over the waters of La Laguna del Tesoro Lake. Also, this wet and green paradise offers visitors the opportunity to witness a rare and unique event, the migration of land crabs.

Zapata`s well preserved wetlands can be explored from numerous trails, from low-difficulty hikes to more complex itineraries involving cave exploration, swimming, diving, observing nature or even cycling. For those interested in catch and release Fishing, the Península de Zapata is worth the visit.

Situated on the Bay of Pigs are Playa Larga and Playa Girón, both offering sandy shores and spectacular Diving.

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