María la Gorda

Hidden from modern civilisation, Maria La Gorda at the Guanahacabibes peninsula offers Cuba travel enthusiasts the opportunity to discover the Western end of the island.

A paradise of limestone rocks, pine trees, mangroves and sandy beaches, the site is home to a diverse flora and fauna. Around 172 bird species inhabit in this area. This diverse fauna completes with rare species of butterflies, iguanas, wild boars and deer. However, this region´s most precious treasure seems to be underwater. Reef ecosystems of the area are considered among the best in the Caribbean.

María la Gorda Diving Centre have been coined the symbol of Guanahacabibes’ tourist development; also known as the “Cuban Cathedral of Diving” because of the quality of the sea floor on its 50 Diving points. More than 200 ship wreckages in the Guanahacabibes surroundings, mostly of colonial galleons, also provide fascinating opportunities to scuba divers


La Cueva de las Perlas (cave of the pearls) with 15 natural skylights along its 1500 metres of explored distance.

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