Las Terrazas

At Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve, nature and men have conceived one of the Cuban marvels, “Las Terrazas”, a self-sufficient settlement and a nature reserve loved by tourists.

At Las Terrazas the ruins of ancient coffee plantations in carved terraces at the region’s steep hills have survived to be toured and smelled by those nature enthusiasts seeking to complement eco walks and baths at Los Baños de San Juan and La Cañada del Infierno.

Whether it`s a canopy tour, horseback riding, visiting the Ecological Centre or relaxing beside the lake, Las Terrazas has a lot to offer. A vibrant artistic community thrives here and one can visit woodworking and pottery workshops, art studios and meet with the artists.

The region`s abundant vegetation and fauna makes it a place preferred by tourists spending eco holidays in Cuba.

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