Dear partner,

It has been quite a few months since the new Coronavirus changed our lives. These have been hard times and sadly, a mix of negative feelings has prevailed including anguish, fear and despair. For many, this period had also implied the loss of a relative or a friend.

Thus, our first words would be of comfort and support to all who lost someone dear.

Now, finally, after all this time, we are all starting to adjust to the new lifestyle.

We spent many weeks wishing to meet with our relatives and friends, to go out and enjoy outdoor activities, and of course, to travel and enjoy a magnificent holidays because life can be hard at times, but everything passes in life and we want to, and we need to, live our lives to the fullest.

Latin America Travel’s commitment

At Latin America Travel, we can help you make your dreams come true. And that would be planning a magnificent holidays in our island.

We are absolutely aware that holidays from now on would not be the same as before the Covid-19 as we want to protect all of our workers and clients. New habits are being incorporated into everybody’s life in order to protect ourselves. Adjustments are being implemented in all hotels, restaurants, shops, banks, agencies by every hotel chain, corporation, business owner, and by the Minister of Tourism. Soon, these adjustments will be part of our life.

Our clients

The safety of our clients has always been a priority for Latin America Travel. We have always taken good care of every single customer organizing well-planned programs, looking for the best and safer accommodation and transport, hiring the most qualified staff drivers and guides, providing our 24-hour emergency phone number and detailed information to clients and assisting them on any event.

Now that confidence and care are the key to safe tourism and that the word safety has more to do with hygiene, cleanliness and disinfection, we are more committed to looking after our customers and ensuring they spend a memorable holiday.

In conjunction with all the measures issued by the Ministry of Tourism, Latin America Travel has prepared a Protocol to be distributed amongst our service providers, which they should follow meticulously.

Cuba currently

In general terms, Cuba is slowly going back to normality and for that purpose, the government has divided the process into 3 phases. Each phase implies lifting part of the restrictions and reopening different sectors. At this moment, Havana is already on phase 1, which means that transport have been restored as well as certain business and offices. The rest of the island is already on phase 2, meaning that other services, still not reinstated on phase 1, are already operational.

Regarding tourism, many hotels along the island have opened for local tourism and some hotels in Cayo Largo, Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Cruz and Cayo Santa María are offering options for foreign travelers.

Coming soon

Latin America Travel is currently working on a new campaign to promote trips to our beautiful island. For said purpose, we have been working on a number of topics including changes to our cancellation policies, extension of current season rates, safety measures, among others.

Latin America Travel resumes operations on new premises

We are happy to announce that, after working from home for a little more than 3 months, our team have started to work at the office again. However, we have moved to another office on the same building, on 5th floor. Thus, our new address is Edificio Lonja del Comercio, Office 5B, Plaza San Francisco de Asis, La Habana, Cuba

Our telephone numbers and other contact details remain the same:

Phone +537 8011137, +537 8011296, +537 8011062
Emergency cellphone +537 52933983